Blue, Green and Gold

I'm really starting to think about our living room.  Currently it's an empty room and it's killing me.  I need to add my personal touch to it and I have finally figured out the look I want to go with.

Below I've created an inspiration/mood board to remind me and share with "my readers" what I hope to accomplish.
Living room - blue, green and gold

What do you think ?  I love the colours!  I have always planned for navy, and white and now the addition of the green and gold!  I'm stoked! I love it.  Obviously these items are not necessarily the items we will purchase to complete the look but they are a great start to how I'd like the room to look.  I already have a few ideas on how to DIY/hack the look to make it a little more budget friendly!

Stay tuned for updates when we actually start working on this room, I'll be posting photos along the way and I'm sure sharing my ideas on making it a little more budget friendly.  

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