Eat in/dining area makeover

Currently we have this set up....

I'm taking this photo by standing in my kitchen looking out.  So currently we have this big table in here (it'll be moved to our formal dining room).  We bought this table on a whim after my sister, brother in law and niece moved in with us and our smaller round table just didn't work for big family dinners.  Well, they have since left and I'm finding this table to big, bulky and becomes more of a place to put "stuff" (as you can see at the end of the table).  We don't need it so big and to my surprise the other day my cousin posted a table and chairs that she was selling for $90.


Yes please!  I have big plans for this table and chairs and have been starting to put together mood boards/idea boards and can't wait to pick it up.  I think we'll be getting it sometime this week and then I'll start working on it in the garage in the evenings and during the weekends.

It most definitely will not look like this when it comes into our house.  This gives us a great jump start to what our little eating area is going to look like when it's complete.  I can't wait to see it all come together.  Thing BIG colour, organization and BEAUTIFUL! :)  I can't wait!eat in ideas 1

This is what I'm thinking (even though these are obviously bought from Crate and barrel) I used it for inspiration and to show my husband what crazy ideas I have.  Oh yeah, and the reason I have to colours of chairs, I still haven't decide if I want yellow or if I want teal/green.  What do you think?

The other thing I'm contemplating is leaving the top of the table wood.  I might like to do a walnut-ish (dark dark dark) on the top of the table and then do the bottom and around the sides in white.  Like this:

Anyway that's if for today.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think, and of course stay tuned for the blog posts that go along with the DIY kitchen table and chairs.  Can't wait to show you !


Blue, Green and Gold

I'm really starting to think about our living room.  Currently it's an empty room and it's killing me.  I need to add my personal touch to it and I have finally figured out the look I want to go with.

Below I've created an inspiration/mood board to remind me and share with "my readers" what I hope to accomplish.
Living room - blue, green and gold

What do you think ?  I love the colours!  I have always planned for navy, and white and now the addition of the green and gold!  I'm stoked! I love it.  Obviously these items are not necessarily the items we will purchase to complete the look but they are a great start to how I'd like the room to look.  I already have a few ideas on how to DIY/hack the look to make it a little more budget friendly!

Stay tuned for updates when we actually start working on this room, I'll be posting photos along the way and I'm sure sharing my ideas on making it a little more budget friendly.  


Inspiration Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Half way through the week, Yippee!

My inspiration image today comes from me doing research on redo'ing stairs.  Currently we have carpeted stairs - I hate it.  It is ugly cheap carpet that the builder put in and with 2 dogs and 2 kids they are dirty, stained and GROSS.

I want to redo them.  Tear the carpet up, and lay hardwood on the stairs.  I love the look of this, dark step (treads) and white backs (riser), white banister and dark railings.  Super classy looking, and we could always add a runner later if we felt it was super slippery.

I know I missed Friday Favourites this week.  It's been one of those weeks and I still haven't caught up to my queue of posts, so in the meantime I'll add a few favourites here too!

1. Similar style sold at Overstock.com and for a very reasonable price.  Check it out here

2.  A desk lamp like this one is incredible on way more then just a desk, a side table, next to your sofa or your bed are great options for this beauty.  And it's cheap!  Check it out at Ikea: you can find the Ranarp lamp, here

3. A fav online shop of mine is Joss & Main, although I have yet to order anything specifically from them I have MANY plans.  I love the products they offer and for a daily event website they have such great variety and offer some really great prices.  This beautiful chandelier is an offering they have right now.  I really love this chandelier and was thinking it might look amazing in our master bedroom.  I'm sure everyone is aware of the pricing of lighting...what makes it so expensive anyway?  But I find Joss & Main very reasonable in their discount pricing and they quite often have some sort of lighting event happening.  Please note that this event ends in two days and will no longer be available by Dec 14, 2013. 

4.  The Penny Paper Co. have such great paper products, personalized stationary, kids art collections and also a great assortment of personalized household stamp.  I LOVE this idea and think it would make an amazing gift for someone as well.

5.  Another light from Joss & Main.  You can find this chandelier here in there "All that Glitters" event that started today.  Please note that this event ends in two days and will no longer be available by Dec 14, 2013.

6.  I think I've mentioned on here already that we're going to start working on the living room eventually but first I need to decide what I'd like to put on the main wall.  I really want built ins and have seen a lot of Ikea hacks that include the BESTÃ… system.  I love the functionality of this system, it's pretty and SO customizable.  Check it out online at Ikea


Inspiration Wednesdays

I'm at home today with two sick kiddos.  Inspiration Wednesday will be slightly delayed.  This is just a place holder and to let you know that it will be posted shortly.


Alright, the kids are tucked in, in front of the television watching a Christmas movie and I have a few minutes to post my latest Inspiration Wednesday.  My plan is to have a queue of these ready to go each week but I'm a little behind working on some other things and just haven't yet.  So in the mean time, here goes.

I am SO glad that I found this image on Houzz because it's pretty much exactly what I envisioned for our powder room makeover.  I love it! I love the tile border! I love the wainscotting, the simplicity, etc.  We don't have a very big powder room and it's just off of the kitchen so I really want to it flow with the rest of the house because the door is always open and pretty visible to the rest of the house (I promise, I'm working on a current house tour that should be posted soon).  Right now, the colour in the room is an ugly rust (I painted it, but it didn't turn out what I was hoping for) and it's never had a full design.

This might actually be the next fully designed room.  I was hoping the next room would be the living room but we also have to do the drop ceiling in the basement so that might not happen together.

Anyway, I LOVE this powder room and the simplicity of it.  I will definitely be using this image as my design inspiration!

I also wanted to post about a blog that I've really be enjoying.  Be sure to check out Rambling Renovators, fellow Canadians and design enthusiast.  I love her style and find I can spend a lot of hours just looking through her blog, reading and looking over the images she posts.  I really love the little getaway area she made for her daughter under the stairs.  Check it out here


Gift giving made easy with Etsy - For Him

Happy Tuesday!  Enjoy the last instalment of my 2013 Etsy gift guide here on P&B!  I hope you found a little inspiration for your holiday gift giving and maybe even introduced you to a few new Etsy shops!  I hope you enjoyed.  Have a super week!

Check out more of my ideas on my mens gift guide....

(Source: All found on Etsy.  soap gift setscarf, cuff links, walletleather braceletmessenger bag,Images used from each of the etsy listings)


Friday Favourites

1.  A super feminine, beautifully crafted fruit strainer from Jeanette Zeis of Vesselsandwares on Etsy.  Listing here
2.  With the holidays coming I thought this Noel sign from Pottery barn would look perfect on a mantel.  Here
3.  Native geometric tribal wool fabric pillow from RobinCottage on Etsy.  Listing here
4.  A fantastic orange, tan and cream chevron pillow cover made by skoopehome designs.  You can find the listing here
5. A beautiful sideboard sold on Bryght.com.  It's called Antonio and this is in the Espresso colour.  Check it out here
6. Another great etsy find but this time not for your home.  I love these monogram braclets, necklaces, etc. that are super popular right now.  These are really beautiful and are custom made.  You can find them on Etsy at Marinette Jewelry You can find the listing for this necklace here.

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