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If you happen along this site by chance, you're probably very well wondering, what is this place?  What is it's purpose and does it really need to exist, don't we have enough of these "decorating" blogs.  The answer to the last one is yes, there are plenty of decorating blogs on the interwebs but that's not really my point either.

I started or am starting this because my husband and I love "renovating" (I use that term lightly because we haven't really actually done renovating - we just like the DIY network), we love DIY!

We've lived in our house for about 7 years now and we are finally coming around to putting (or at least thinking about putting) our own personality into it.  We had the house built for us from your run of the mill builders in the area.  We went in pick the model we liked, added a few things here and there (nothing that actually matters anymore) and thought we'd love our house forever.  When building from a standard model we learned very shortly after moving in that somethings just don't work for us.  But we still love it here and until we find a home we're ready to move into forever, we're here.

So that's where this blog comes into play.  I hope to use this place as inspiration, motivation and of course I hope that I too can inspire someone into DIY'ing too!

I can't wait to get started and hope that you'll enjoy the journey of turning our little bit of chaos into something pure and beautiful.


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