Friday Favourites

1.  A super feminine, beautifully crafted fruit strainer from Jeanette Zeis of Vesselsandwares on Etsy.  Listing here
2.  With the holidays coming I thought this Noel sign from Pottery barn would look perfect on a mantel.  Here
3.  Native geometric tribal wool fabric pillow from RobinCottage on Etsy.  Listing here
4.  A fantastic orange, tan and cream chevron pillow cover made by skoopehome designs.  You can find the listing here
5. A beautiful sideboard sold on Bryght.com.  It's called Antonio and this is in the Espresso colour.  Check it out here
6. Another great etsy find but this time not for your home.  I love these monogram braclets, necklaces, etc. that are super popular right now.  These are really beautiful and are custom made.  You can find them on Etsy at Marinette Jewelry You can find the listing for this necklace here.



Gift giving made easy with Etsy - For the Kids

Happy Thursday!  Todays guide guide is for the kiddos.  Enjoy!

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(Source: All found on Etsy.  knit cowl, apronslouchy beaniefinger puppets, camera, acornscoat rack Images used from each of the etsy listings)


Inspiration Wednesday

I'm going to start of my first week of blogging with a weekly post collection I'm going to call Inspiration Wednesday.  I'm going to use this post each week to show what has inspired me, be it a blog post I've read, a image I've pinned or images I've seen on houzz, etc.  I'll chose a couple of things each week to talk about and think it'll be fun!  So here we go! :)

I've been working on getting a mood board up for my living room and of course a blog post to follow, so I've been doing a lot of living room inspiration searching.

Transitional Living Room by San Anselmo Kitchen & Bath Designers Ann Lowengart Interiors, LLC

I'm still trying to figure out my over all "style" but I do know that I love pops of colour.  I love simple, neutral colours on walls, and big furniture and than using pillows and accents to introduce pops of colour throughout.  I especially love the green-ish yellow colour (chartreuse maybe?) and then rug in the image above.

I'm also trying to make a pretty big decision about a "built in".  We have a fairly big wall in our living room and I've always had the idea of making it a faux built in.  So I've been adding alot of images with built-ins, like the one above, to my houzz idea books.  I love that I can change the colours of the room by adding accent pieces to the shelves.  It's a great storage space (underneath) and it's classic.  I really love this look (and the great light hanging in the room too).

I'm also in the mood to organize, get rid of clutter, and junk that seems to be taking over our entire living space! And came across this great blog post, not to many days after telling my husband how annoying it is to always have big cans of paint in the garage or storage area in the basement.  Rachel tells us, and shows exactly how she uses cute little glass jars to hold spots of paint for touch ups throughout the house.  She labeled each of the jars with the room to which the paint matches.  Which is great when you have very similar colours throughout your house.  

Be sure to check out Pencil Shavings Studios, she's got some very colourful content (and I just noticed she has a similar banner-esque thing as the one I created for the top of my blog).  Cool! 

She also runs a super colourful Etsy store that sells, pillows, paper goods and more.  Be sure to check that out too.  I'm sure you'll find a few Christmas presents (and maybe a little something for yourself)!



Gift giving made easy with Etsy - For Her

I love Etsy, but who doesn't!  It's an amazing place to shop for unique gift items for everyone on your gift giving list.  It's great that some shops even offer shipping directly to the recepiant and some places offer gift wrapping!  It's perfect and really make gift giving easy.  

For the next few of days I'm going to share with you a few of my own gift guides to help you with your gift purchases!

Gifts for her:

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(Sorces: All found on Etsy. Gift set ,Infinity ScarfLingerie SetFelted SlippersStud earrings, Triangle RingsHerb garden labels.  Images used directly from the etsy listing)


Welcome to Pure & Beautiful Chaos

If you happen along this site by chance, you're probably very well wondering, what is this place?  What is it's purpose and does it really need to exist, don't we have enough of these "decorating" blogs.  The answer to the last one is yes, there are plenty of decorating blogs on the interwebs but that's not really my point either.

I started or am starting this because my husband and I love "renovating" (I use that term lightly because we haven't really actually done renovating - we just like the DIY network), we love DIY!

We've lived in our house for about 7 years now and we are finally coming around to putting (or at least thinking about putting) our own personality into it.  We had the house built for us from your run of the mill builders in the area.  We went in pick the model we liked, added a few things here and there (nothing that actually matters anymore) and thought we'd love our house forever.  When building from a standard model we learned very shortly after moving in that somethings just don't work for us.  But we still love it here and until we find a home we're ready to move into forever, we're here.

So that's where this blog comes into play.  I hope to use this place as inspiration, motivation and of course I hope that I too can inspire someone into DIY'ing too!

I can't wait to get started and hope that you'll enjoy the journey of turning our little bit of chaos into something pure and beautiful.


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