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I'm at home today with two sick kiddos.  Inspiration Wednesday will be slightly delayed.  This is just a place holder and to let you know that it will be posted shortly.


Alright, the kids are tucked in, in front of the television watching a Christmas movie and I have a few minutes to post my latest Inspiration Wednesday.  My plan is to have a queue of these ready to go each week but I'm a little behind working on some other things and just haven't yet.  So in the mean time, here goes.

I am SO glad that I found this image on Houzz because it's pretty much exactly what I envisioned for our powder room makeover.  I love it! I love the tile border! I love the wainscotting, the simplicity, etc.  We don't have a very big powder room and it's just off of the kitchen so I really want to it flow with the rest of the house because the door is always open and pretty visible to the rest of the house (I promise, I'm working on a current house tour that should be posted soon).  Right now, the colour in the room is an ugly rust (I painted it, but it didn't turn out what I was hoping for) and it's never had a full design.

This might actually be the next fully designed room.  I was hoping the next room would be the living room but we also have to do the drop ceiling in the basement so that might not happen together.

Anyway, I LOVE this powder room and the simplicity of it.  I will definitely be using this image as my design inspiration!

I also wanted to post about a blog that I've really be enjoying.  Be sure to check out Rambling Renovators, fellow Canadians and design enthusiast.  I love her style and find I can spend a lot of hours just looking through her blog, reading and looking over the images she posts.  I really love the little getaway area she made for her daughter under the stairs.  Check it out here

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